Why advertising is useless without a performing website

Why advertising is useless without a performing website

You wish to start advertising campaigns aiming to increase your online conversions ? Here are some elements you need to keep in mind!

Why advertising is useless without a performing website

In the advertising world, the saying “ don’t put the cart before the horse ” makes full sense, the cart being your ad and the horse your website.

When creating your business’s website, you usually have one main goal in mind : how to make sure your customers take action. This can be anything ranging from filling a contact form to buying a product, ordering a meal for delivery or viewing a video. Thus, you will then start to build it in a way that makes this goal as easy to reach as possible.

Alright, now you’ve got an optimized website, what’s next ? Promoting it! So you go on Facebook, on Instagram, on Google or elsewhere, and you start giving them money to show your ads to potential future customers.

Up to now, all is going according to plan. Unfortunately, the day you decide to check your results, you notice something odd. Your website visitors don’t take action, and your objective hasn’t been reached.

If we consider that the problem doesn’t originate from a targeting issue, or from ad relevancy, this means you have a bad website, and you just spent all your money for nothing.

Here are some things to always keep in mind to avoid making this mistake :

Google is friends with its users, not your company

Google want’s to show its users the most relevant websites according to their searches. Through a variety of tools, Google is able to give sites relevance scores according to keywords people use, as well as checking what actions they take on your website. If they consider that yours isn’t relevant or complete, or that people don’t stay long enough, they will penalize you.

These penalties will often either be higher prices than your competitors for the same keywords, or withdrawal of your ads from the top results.

This is one other reason why an SEO strategy is vital, since it will help you gain organic traffic as well as increasing your relevance score for advertising.

Don’t blindly trust Facebook and Instagram

On Facebook and Instagram, you pay for your ads by the impressions rather than by the click. They will continue to show yours, regardless of your website’s quality. It’s advisable to set up third party tracking tools that will give you additional insight into what people actually do on your site once they’ve clicked on your ad. Facebook and Instagram’s internal statistics tools can lead you towards making judgment errors.

Create loyalty

If your visitors don’t have a positive experience on your website, they will be less likely to want to go back. If you’ve paid money to get them there, you want them to come back for free by themselves in the future. Get more value from your investment.

You’re not 100% sure you’re ready to start your advertising campaign ? Our team, with web designers (UX/UI) and media strategists, can help you optimize your website and create campaigns that will reach your objectives!

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