5 Tips on How to Grow Your Social Media Following

5 Tips on How to Grow Your Social Media Following

You want your brand to be on social media but you don’t know where to start? It’s true, it can be a hard nut to crack. One of the toughest tasks is to build a following. We’re spilling the beans on five tips to grow your social media following and broaden your reach. 

1/ Choose the right platform for your brand

Sometimes it almost feels like every day there is a new social media app that becomes the talk of the town and it most definitely is hard to keep track. So, you ask yourself, should my brand be on one platform or many? And which ones?

The truth is, there is no right or wrong answer as to how many social media platforms you should be on. Focus on one or pick a few, the choice is up to you. But before you start, ask yourself: which platforms do your target audience (or audience’s) use the most? It is possible they are evenly spread across different platforms. So, in order to know which to be on you need to know where your target is at.

For example, you might have a broad target audience of people between the ages of 25 to 55. With that, perhaps half of this audience uses Instagram more and the other half uses Facebook. So, in order to attract and target both of them, your brand will need to be represented on both of these platforms. Additionally, seeing as they are two different age groups, they most likely have different demographics or interests. Meaning you will need to tailor your content specifically to each platform in order to best attract your target audience(s).

2/ Know your competitors

Competition exists everywhere! You need to try and stay on top of that in order to always be one step ahead. Ask yourself, what are my competitors doing? Based on that, you need to find a way to make your brand different so that you can be the one amongst the many that people gravitate towards.

Some important questions to ask yourself: Who are my competitors? What platforms do my competitors use? What can I do to make my brand stand out? What are my competitors doing that I am not? How can I enhance my value proposition?

You want to be the shining star that will stand out amongst the crowd so that your brand can become the go to brand for your target audience(s).

3/ Share unique, eye-catching content and designs

People scroll through hundreds of different posts a day. So, you want to be able to grab their attention right off the bat and prevent them from swiping past your post. In order to do so, you will need eye catching and unique content that won’t want to be skipped ⎯  content that jumps off the page.

Ever heard of the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words?” Great copywriting is still very important when it comes to marketing and social media, but, there is a lot of research that shows visually appealing designs can be more effective in increasing engagement and conversion rates because they capture attention much quicker than text can.

4/ Engage with your audience

It’s common knowledge that people like to be heard and validated. They want to know that they are being listened to and understood. This is why it is KEY to engage with your audience.  Whether they are sharing good news or bad you should always be present in the conversation.

In the case of good news, be playful and have fun with it, let them know you agree or that you are grateful for their opinion or support. When it comes to negative news or comments, some people think that silence is the best option. Politely, we disagree. Let them know what they feel is valid and that you are sorry for their inconvenience. That you are here for them and hope to make it up to them (situation permitting, this could be a great opportunity for you to explain yourself better and what went wrong).

With active engagement and listening, this lets your audience know there are actual people linked with your brand and, ultimately, it makes your audience/community feel valued.

5/ Consistency is key

Whether you are posting once a day, twice a day, once a week or even every single day of the week, it’s all great as long as you are consistent. If you post once every three days, amazing, but make sure that every three days a post goes out. Of course, you can spice it up now and then by adding in or removing a post or coming up with new strategies. But as long as you are consistent then you are golden. On top of this, we also recommend publishing content regularly in order to remain relevant and stay at the top of your target audiences’ minds.

With all that, you officially have the inside scoop. Some of our tips and tricks for when it comes to growing your social media following. With us by your side, we can help you achieve all of your digital goals, one step at a time. If you get stuck and don’t feel like moving forward on our own, give us a call and let’s get started!

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