Photography Tips For Your Restaurant

Photography Tips For Your Restaurant

Scheduling a professional photoshoot isn't always as easy as it might seem, and we know that! So, we are diving into a bit more details about how YOU can amp up your content using these DIY photography tips!

It used to be all about the taste of the food, even about the service but times have changed. Did you know, the PHOTOS of your food and venue can either make or break you in today’s world? How about we tell you that millennials are less likely to go to a restaurant if they didn’t like the look of their Instagram photos – shocking we know.

Don’t let subpar food photos be the reason your restaurant doesn’t do as well as it can! We know a photography expense is not in everyone’s budget so here are some DIY tips for you to take your success into your own hands.

Whatever you do, don’t shoot under a heat lamp

Have you ever seen those yellow tinted photos that look blurry and kinda gross? That’s because whoever took that photo was shooting in less than desirable lighting conditions. To get great photos, even if you’re using your iphone, take your dish and place it in front of natural sunlight. This is optimal lighting, especially for beginners!

Showcase your most visually appealing dishes

You daily soup might be the BOMB! But does anyone really care about soup in a bowl? Not if you’re trying to use that as visual appeal. Choose your standout dishes – what makes peoples mouths water? What makes people say “I NEED THAT”. Pick those dishes and shoot!

Play with angles

It can be tempting to shoot your food from a facing forward direction if you don’t know what you’re doing. Don’t be afraid to play with your angles! Shoot from above, shoot from below, using your fingers, use other people’s fingers. Get ready to get messy!

And ultimately, if you still don’t trust yourself behind a camera, that’s what we’re here for.

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