Instagram Reels, what makes them so popular?

Instagram Reels, what makes them so popular?

What are the key factors that make Instagram Reels so popular and should you integrate them into your branding strategy? Let's check it out together!

Instagram Reels are short format videos that can be up to 60 seconds in length. This different format unleashes a new world of creative possibilities and gives creators innovative ways to interact with their audiences. Apart from adding spice and variety to your Instagram feed, by incorporating video content, Reels give brands the chance to meet a larger audience and possibly go viral. This can happen because not only do Reels show up on users’ personal feeds but they are also boosted by the Instagram algorithm and pushed to be displayed on both the discovery and Reels pages.

Let’s see what makes them so popular!

Short content Format

Reels are short content videos and we’re not talking in terms of minutes; we’re talking in terms of seconds! We live in a fast-paced world, where people are spending less and less time at the cinema or watching TV. Still, they want to be entertained! Well, Reels are part of the solution, as they are the perfect form of entertainment for the new generation of Instagram users.

Scroll factor and instant play

Have you ever scrolled for hours on Netflix or YouTube without ever deciding on something specific to watch? It happens to me all the time! We don’t want to make a choice; we want someone else to do it for us. That’s why Reels are so popular, they start automatically and if you don’t ever feel like continuing to watch, you can simply scroll down and a new video will be ready for you! How cool is that?

Creativity in all its glory

The accessibility of cameras and video creation equipment has skyrocketed in our modern society. Presently, anybody with a smartphone can easily shoot high quality videos. This seems like the perfect time to unleash all the creativity you have been keeping inside! There is no limit to your imagination!

Ok, now that you know a little bit more about Reels, let’s go over some of the important steps to follow when creating one.

1/ Shoot Vertically

From Smartphone cameras to more advanced professional equipment, the same rules apply to all: shoot vertically! Vertical shots fit Instagram’s Reels format and will allow for you video to be properly displayed in full screen. The Algorithm will also be more inclined to boost vertical content over horizontal content.

2/ Choose the right song and nail the beat

Music makes up 50% of the visual creation. Depending on the vibe you want to go for in your video (ex: inspirational, comical, or trendy) a good song is what makes the difference in the success of your video. Not only does it support and add spice to the visual creation but it also gives you the chance to go viral! The more in tune you are with present trends, the more your video will be boosted by the algorithm, allowing for people to more easily find it!

3/ Follow the trend but don’t forget to be original!

Authenticity is the number one factor for success! Following a trend is important but nothing is stopping you from adding to it and even creating a new one! Find your own vibe and format, explore the possibilities and put your creativity to the test. You will be surprised by your potential.

So, should you be using Reels for your brand? Definitely!

Reels are a perfect way to engage with your audience, create emotional responses, showcase your brand’s process (tutorials, behind the scenes, tips and tricks) and to simply show off your beautiful creations!

So now that you’ve made up your mind on Reels, where should you start? We’re here for that, drop us a line and let’s create!!

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