How to push your brand with a corporate video

How to push your brand with a corporate video

Have you ever asked yourself : Will a corporate video help in the growth of my brand? Is it difficult to make? What kind of video should I opt for? What’s my target audience? I know this can sound like a lot. So let’s first understand what a corporate video is and then dive deep into the different categories that could better fit your specific needs.

What’s a corporate video?

A corporate video is usually non-advertisement related, meaning that it’s usually used for online internal and external purposes. Oftentimes, the platforms that will host these types of videos are company websites, email marketing and also social media like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube.

Basically, a corporate video will target specific audiences directly related to the brand or sometimes even internal to the company.

Some examples of corporate videos are the following: Company profiles, training, social media, social responsibility, internal communication and promotions, events and testimonials.

Let’s dive a little deeper to understand what differentiates all these formats.

1/ Company profile videos

A company profile video is the best way to explain the concept of your brand and better express its identity. Whether you sell special services or you have a unique venue, a video is a great way to showcase it.

Take a look at this presentation video we did for a unique pastry shop in Montreal.

2/ Training/recruiting Videos

Training videos are usually created for a specific internal need. They speed up the recruiting and training process for new employees and better illustrate the process of onboarding in the company. They can be adapted for a specific role and also updated whenever the company decides to change their recruitment strategy.

3/ Social Media Videos

Social media videos are often short pieces of content that feed your social media platforms with a variety of subjects spreading from:  interviews, tutorials, BTS (behind the scenes) and brand updates. Often used to grow and affirm a brand identity, they are especially great when they contain human interaction.

Take a look at one of a series of short videos we did for a unique fast food restaurant in Tremblant.

4/ Testimonial video

These videos intend to narrate your customers' experience with one or more of your company's services. Testimonial videos are super effective in creating trust with your audience as they depict a direct testimony of the way a customer feels about your brand.

5/ Social responsibility videos

Social responsibility videos want to address a specific aspect of a brand: their commute to take socially responsible actions. They are really helpful to explain important company values and inform the customers about important steps that the brand is taking to make a change in their specific industry.

Take a look at a video we created for a restaurant company showcasing its values.

6/ Internal communication videos

Internal communications videos represent an entertaining way of communicating a company goal, to give updates to their workers, to explain recent company changes or even congratulate a team for their great work.

7/ Promotional videos

Promotional videos are used to communicate the existence of a new product for a brand. These non-advertised videos are used to update the customer about the features of the product and inform them on how to reach it.

Take a look at this social media video we did for a seasonal cocktail for a Spanish-inspired restaurant in Montreal.

8/ Event videos

These videos are meant to immortalize an important event for your company: a milestone, a rebranding, a new product or service launch or even an internal company party.

We had the opportunity to create an event video for Bonduelle and Del Monte for their new summer-related product launch.

Video content is everywhere nowadays. It is super interactive and engaging for the viewer, and it could represent a true game changer in your marketing strategy. So what are you waiting for? It’s time for you to integrate it into your visual identity! If you don’t know where to start, don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll be more than happy to help you!

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