A common mistake that is costing your restaurant customers

A common mistake that is costing your restaurant customers

Let's see how we can fix this common mistake that significantly impacts your restaurant.

Let’s start off with why it’s important to create great content for your restaurant. We often come across restaurant owners that do not understand the value of great content nor how it can benefit their brand.

In a world of social media and an ever-growing field of technology, it’s important, if not necessary to adapt to the changing times.

The restaurant industry is changing and you can no longer rely on a good old handshake to bring in new clients, you have to put yourself out there.

How do you do this? Through social media!

The first few elements of your brand that potential guests check out are your websites and social channels, if they do not showcase you in the best way possible, chances are you’ll lose those guests.

Before you get started though, there are a few things you need to get you going on the right track.

Quality photos of your food and venue

We recommend investing in a photoshoot, specifically a content shoot that produces up to 250 photos and only takes 1 full day of shooting at your restaurant.

Social Platforms

Specifically, Facebook and Instagram plus your review platforms.

Content Strategy

Keeping potential guests interested in your brand is not done by only posting sales content or the same content over and over. Your content strategy must be diversified, interesting, engaging and above all, must be informative for potential guests.

For example, we recommend that your content strategy should be divided into these categories:

  • Lifestyle
  • Cultural
  • Educational
  • Community
  • Sales Driven (mostly really beautiful pictures of your offerings and the experience you provide)

How to get better content for your restaurant?

Once you have those, you’re ready to go! Now, if you’re computer saavy and know how to create social graphics, source lifestyle content, create catchy copy writing, respond to reviews in a timely manner and know how to stay on brand then you’re golden.

Otherwise, we recommend hiring an agency like ours to help you out!  A good agency will listen to your goals, get to know your story/brand and will help take it all to the next level, while you focus on proving a phenomenal experience for your guests.

Great agencies will create Social Graphics for you to keep things interesting and avoid a stale looking presence.

They will source out any additional content that is needed aside from your shoot, they will catch viewers attention with the wit and humorous phrases, they will reach out to your database with a consistent newsletter, they will respond to all your reviews to make sure no one feels ignored and of course, they will make your brand shine.

Need help getting started? Drop us a line, let’s rocket together!

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