Analysing email results

Analysing email results

You've launched a newsletter and you're pretty proud of it. It's taken you time and a bit of courage too. To measure if your work was effective and your efforts were worth it, nothing's better than measuring success. How to do this? It's what we are speaking about in here.

Congrats, you have successfully sent out an email campaign, time to analyze the results! Before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s go over what some of the key insights mean.


The number of times any link or aspect within the email was clicked on.

Open Rate

A percentage that tells you how many people opened up the campaign.

Click Rate

A percentage that tells you how many people registered at least one click.

As a general rule of thumb

If you have a good open rate,

that often means that your subject or preview lines were effective in grabbing the attention of your audience.

If you have a good click rate,

that often means that your content, messaging or CTAs within your email was relevant to those who opened it (and intrigued them to learn more).

Different industries have different averages when it comes to open rates and click rates; and these numbers are always evolving depending on trends. However, according to Mailchimp, based on more general email marketing research across all industries, the average open rate hovers around 21% while the average click rate hovers around 2.6%.

Depending on the email software you use, you will likely have this information broken down in greater details, allowing for you to have a better understanding of how your campaign performed and which aspects of it were stronger than others.

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