8 inspiring food and drink websites

8 inspiring food and drink websites

Are you looking into updating your website, to better meet the needs of the restaurant and beverage industries? Have no fear! Below you will find 8 inspirational and award-winning foodie websites that will help to help kickstart your innovation

Restaurants in the food and beverage industries need websites to showcase their products, their location and/or valuable information about who they are, where to find them, and a little bit more about them. What would happen if these websites combined functionality with a strong art and visual direction?

1/ Instinct

Instinct is a pub based in Paris with a minimalistic design. The location placed on the top right corner is immediately identifiable. The website is sliced into two parts: “Bistrot” and “Origine.”

Having only two options to click on, allows for the website to be more efficient in guiding users and in allowing them to focus on the website.

They also ingeniously use light and dark modes between these two parts.

Small funny subtle detail: The background changes colours when you click on the illustrations.

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2/ Thomas Vegetables

This “one-pager” website is a showcase site for a vegetable store, with products that come entirely from local farmers. This is a really simple website, with smooth animations.

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3/ Wild Wood Bakery

This bakery has illustrations that reflect the values of its business. Wild Wood Bakery immerses users into their universe, thanks to a thoughtful artistic direction. The strategic design plays on the cognitive bias of the halo effect, that is:

If something or someone looks good to you you associate it with something positive.

Here, the illustrations and placement of designs, give customers a feeling of high-quality products and services.

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4/ Akashi Sake Brewery

This website is known for its international customers. Kanjis (Japenese characters) are omnipresent on the site but do not interfere with readability. The navigation is fluid and leaves users with a sense of authenticity and quality.

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5/ 495 Vodka

495 Vodka is another brewery, their website is bold, complemented with unique and original illustrations. They take care of the User Interface elements and User Experience. The animations add interactivity and interest.

The element on the bottom left corner is a page length indicator. The “contact us” button is always visible because of the inverse colour effect applied to it. Page transitions and load are small details that keep our attention while navigating.

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6/ Lucky Folks

This restaurant exudes joy and happy moments. The design is clear and interactive. We can understand really quickly that some of their values include: young, fun, community-oriented and good quality.

They even offer users a chance to play, a bonus feature to the customer experience. They focus on groups of young people and it's really ingenious to have thought of offering a "game" section, which will obviously be quite appealing to these types of customers.

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Lucciano's is a family-owned company, born out of a desire to satisfy the most demanding segment of consumers (for artisan ice cream) in their area.

The layout is based on different kinds of magazines and it adds the association of good quality products.

Similarly to other websites mentioned above, the menu is a full-page pop-up with images. This allows for it to keep our interest in their story and products.

Even though the first thing we see, when we enter the website, is a low-quality video, it loads very quickly and we don't necessarily take it seriously as we understand that this is surely a functional choice.

In short, the hierarchy is clear and efficient, it is sure to make everyone hungry.

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8/ Delassus Group

Delassus Group is a Moroccan grower of snacking tomatoes, citrus, grapes, avocados and flowers.

When we enter this website, we fall on a short video that runs and is also the loading website page. We can easily decide to ignore it and in turn to enter the website.

What's really interesting is the way that they use some sort of 3D designs to showcase their products. The material used on these 3D designs gives an impression of artisanal manufacturers of paper elements and high-end products.

The menu is a full-page pop-up with imagery. The navigation is quite simple and minimalistic, perfect for a showcase website like this.

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To conclude

We hope you enjoyed the tour and that it helps in giving you some inspiration for your website. All of these examples demonstrate that we can accommodate functionality to aestheticism and push user experiences to a new level, that will depict that your business is worth trying.

The strategic design ensures that your values are well understood by your customers, and gives them the feeling that they are important and that your products are the best. It also ensures that your values are well understood by your customers, and it allows them to know that they are significant to you.

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