6 Tips for Generating Buzz on Social Media

6 Tips for Generating Buzz on Social Media

Boost engagement on each of your posts on social networks like Instagram by applying these 6 tips.

In this article you will find 6 tips to help grow your brand by generating buzz on social media.

1/ Create a custom and trendy hashtag

First of all, you need to know that hashtags are used to categorize content and make it more viewable.

Hashtags are a great way for people to follow everything that is going on with a brand or a product launch. It’s also a good way to see how your followers/community are reacting to your content. For example, creating a tailored #hashtag for a product drop is a clever move to get the audience talking about you and your products.

An additional benefit is that this hashtag can be shared by a large number of consumers to their platforms as well; thus increasing your reach.

2/ Be creative

Creativity and originality are the two most important words that you need to remember. Post creative and original content. Use colorful elements, unique graphics, nice pictures and essentially anything that will help you stand out and determine your brand image and voice.

Your goal is to be different from every other brand, to stand out. You have to be smart and catchy when you post.

3/ Tell a story

Your social media should be a way for you to tell stories. People are curious, they always want to know more about who you are and what you offer. If you just show a product without any explanation, people will turn away from your brand… Sorry folks, it might not always be fair but that is how it works, more often than not.

So here’s what you should do:

  • Talk about your product, how it was made, where it was made, when and why it’s important to you and your brand.
  • Talk about your team, be relatable. People want to feel like you're transparent, as if you’re sharing a piece of you and not just trying to sell them something.
  • Talk directly to their hearts and appeal to their needs and wants.

4/ Give a sneak-peak

You can use Stories, Instagram live or IGTV to give your community a few behind-the-scenes peaks of how things work at your company. Again people are curious, they want to know. It can be detailed sneak-peeks of future products, a day inside the life of the company or even a takeover with an employee or influencer.

Show them concept, production, design, and anything else that might be of value. Let them know that they're special to you and that they have access to VIP information. Having a trusting customer is the key to everything. You won’t have to spend too much money on publicity, your followers will do it for you!

5/ Team up with local artists, businesses, and influencers.

A brand that’s ready to collaborate with its community has an added bonus when it comes to ensuring your success.

Why is this a win-win?

  1. It gives the artists/influencers/businesses a substantial platform to promote their upcoming work.
  2. By having others share your content on their own personal platforms, it allows for you to be seen by a new community that may like your content.
  3. Collaborating with local community members shows people that you are supportive of the community and active within it.

Collaboration will allow for everybody to grow, think about this quote from Helen Keller “Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.”

6. Host a giveaway

Hosting a giveaway is a great way to attract people and to get them to talk about you. Of course people are interested in free stuff, who isn’t? However, in order to be effective and to not waste money on giveaways, be sure to insert detailed and clear rules.

Here is a recommendation of simple and clear rules: to enter, all entrants must follow your account, like and comment on the giveaway post, and finally, share it to their story (as a bonus entry, to have an extra chance to win).

Once a winner is chosen, promptly send them the prize and, if possible, ask for pictures. When they receive it and post about it, be sure to re-share their content on your socials so that people see that you’re not a scam account and that they have a real chance of winning in the future.

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