6 Reasons Why Hiring A Social Media Agency For Your Restaurant Makes Sense

Become a leader of your industry, become a household name in your market, be the new standard, increase your business and revenues + expand your business.

Michael Roman
Jun 8, 2021

Hiring a Social Media Agency for your restaurant is not an easy decision and even before getting into how to choose the best Social Media Agency for your restaurant, it is important to understand the general benefits of hiring a Social Media Agency for your restaurant, to understand why it is a good decision and how a Social Media Agency can help your restaurant grow, prosper and expand.

Here are 6 reasons why hiring a Social Media Agency for your restaurant makes sense:


Your time and the time of your staff is important and should be focused on growing the business, serving your guests and improving systems as well as your numbers.


The cost of hiring a Social Media Agency for your restaurant ends up being between $15-$18 per hour for 10-15 hours a week (depending on the exact services that are needed).  Which is about the cost of a 4-5 busser shift.  We think it is agreeable that an owner and even a GM are worth more than that per hour.


no matter how knowledgeable you, your gm, your sister/mother/daughter or any member of your team is in Social Media, they do not possess the knowledge that a team of people making a living handling Social Media for restaurants have.


A Social Media Agency like our Digital Media and Social Media Agencies for Restaurants will not only assign 1 person to an account, it will assign a team of specialists to help grow your restaurant to new heights.  


A Social Media Agency like our Digital Media and Social Media Agencies for Restaurants can and will handle all aspects of the Digital and Social Media needs of your restaurant.  Including but not limited to Social Media, Community Management, Reputation Management, Website Management, Newsletter Management, Data Management, Content Management, digital tools, etc...

6/Peace of Mind

A Social Media Agency like our Digital Media and Social Media Agencies for Restaurants will give you as a restaurant owner absolute peace of mind when it comes to Digital and Social Media.

Would you sell your house without a broker?
Would you represent yourself in court?
Would you do your own corporate taxes and filings?
Would you plan your own wedding?

Digital Media, like these other examples, is a specialty. It is meant for everyone to use and to enjoy but only a few have mastered the intricacies and algorithms that allow for a restaurant to develop in what seems like an organic way, with subtle hints to buy a product while generating income, leads, data, new costumers, brand recognition and interaction.

Work with professionals that:  

  • Understand not only the technology that is currently available but the ones that are coming and being released each week.
  • Understand your demographic, their patterns, their wants and needs and most importantly, how to translate that into more business for your company.
  • do not use the third-party software, that care about your image & brand, that creates custom content relevant to the times and demographic you are seeking.  
  • not only understand Digital & Social Media but your industry as well, that understands what owners, managers, staff, customers go through while also understanding the cost/profit ratio of your business, knowing that every dollar is important.

Work with our Digital Media and Social Media Agencies for Restaurants and accomplish new markers for your business.

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